No Media Co. is Chris Frey and Patrick Pittman and a band of people we trust. We’re not a big studio and deliberately so. We like building long-term relationships, getting our hands dirty working directly on projects we love, and creating a few of our own things as well.

Our mission is simple: to help good people do good work and make brilliant, purposeful things that connect and resonate, and to help our partners bring a little more meaningful work into the world while we’re at it.


How are you different?

We’ve produced a lot of great things over the past three plus decades. Magazines and websites and books and podcasts and videos and other things that we’ve loved making and audiences have loved consuming. In 2017 we came together as No Media because we recognised the unique value of our experiences in creating things that we care about, traversing the independent, mainstream, and commercial worlds. [something something journalism and listening to people...] As No Media has grown and evolved, we’ve come to understand just how much this experience can also help organizations with their bigger issues, beyond simple content production.

What‘s your magic trick?

We have no patented magic methodology for extracting wisdom, regardless of commercial or creative context. There is no secret sauce. We simply combine the best of rigorous research and critical thinking learned through many decades of ethnographic, journalistic, and documentary work. We also draw on what we’ve learned over careers of extensive travel and work in extreme, remote, and often politically or socially challenging contexts. Our focus isn't just on how things work in major Western cities, but lived realities and complex systems across the globe. We’re driven to understand peoples and the cultures and systems that sustain them, from infrastructure and markets to public institutions, helping to make better sense of a world gripped by transformational change.

Some things we made in our past

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