Through an approach honed over decades of cross-industry editorial, research, branding, publishing, and production experience, we help an international roster of clients better understand and communicate their place, purpose, and opportunities amidst the complexities of their own markets and the broader world. It’s an approach grounded in human understanding, strategic sensemaking, and producing brilliant, purposeful creative work.

Often enough that means getting our hands dirty making things — from stand-alone or ongoing editorial projects like books, magazines, and websites, to rigorous behind-the-scenes research and guidance produced as strategic reports, brand stories and guidelines, ethnographic studies, and other less traditional outputs.

Most of our engagements entail a hybrid mix of approaches and expertise areas, but largely involve some combination of research, sense-making, analysis, and strategy with editorial and creative work.

    We provide foresight services to help guide strategic planning and communicate thought leadership.

    Through painstaking research, analysis, and creative thinking, we help organizations better plan for the implications of future transformation and assume a role of leadership within their sector when it comes to the challenges faced. Often this means unlocking and better articulating an organization’s unique internal expertise and connecting it with the people who need to hear that expertise, even in niche scientific, technical, and legal areas.

    • Foresight
    • Field research and reporting
    • Research-led white papers and trend reports
    • Strategic planning

    We provide critical guidance and insight on an organization’s place and purpose in the world.

    Our clients ask us to help them paint a true and critical picture of their current and longer-term operating reality, both inside and outside the organization — whether that means garnering specific insights about their audience, internal culture, and evolving business context, or taking a broader, full-spectrum approach to strategy. We identify and help articulate the story of what an organization actually does, who it does it for, how it does it well, and how it can do it better.

    • Audience or market insight and ethnographic analysis
    • Industry positioning and trend analysis
    • Brand articulation and redefinition
    • Internal culture and risk analysis

    We provide co-creation services for books and custom print, digital, and experiential content.

    We work with individuals and organizations in bringing narrative, documentary, and brand projects to life adopting an intensely collaborative approach. We help our partners find the story they have to tell and that audiences will want to experience, and create at a high standard of quality. Services range from manuscript feedback and treatment development, through to end-to-end writing, ghostwriting, editing, and design, to consulting on printing and distribution options.

    • Print and e-books
    • Magazines
    • Email and digital publications
    • Documentary video

    We help build and enhance media properties for success over the long-term, backed by ongoing strategic and editorial support.

    Whether the intended reach is a micro-targeted niche group or a general audience in the millions, our focus is on the far horizon, driving sustainable engagement and loyalty, not quick-hit sales campaigns. We’ve helped existing publications take a strategic rethink in the interests of staying relevant, changed how a major health care company communicates with its clients, and consulted on the launch of international web properties. Here our role is typically in guiding and empowering our partners’ internal teams in content planning and production, providing ongoing consulting support, or even filling in the gaps on editorial teams when needed.

    • Developing content strategy, production workflows, and teams
    • Rethinking/re-launching existing media titles
    • Co-creating new content channels across all formats
    • Editorial plans and handbooks