Selected Projects

A manual, of design fiction

Client: Near Future Laboratory


  • Print book, with photos and illustrations
  • Writing, editing, design, production, and publishing strategy

Collaborators: Chris Lange (design)

The Manual of Design Fiction
A practical guide to exploring the near future

The definitive text on the origins, evolution, and current practice of design fiction — the making of fictional artifacts in order to explore questions about the future, technology, and change. For more than a decade, the Near Future Laboratory has been at forefront of the practice, applying it as a tool of foresight, sensemaking, and strategy for clients in business, government, and civil society. No Media collaborated on the writing and design of this engrossing 256-page book, full of insights from the fields of design, business, foresight, and technology, with important lessons about understanding the nature of technological transformation and its implications.

"Somewhere between whimsy and earnestness, between hope and terror, between seriousness and sight gags, lives 'design fiction,' a method and a medium for structured hope about futures we may dread or yearn for."

Cory Doctorow

May Flowers

A No Media production

Coming in 2022
  • Documentary film project

Co-directed by Chris Frey and Patrick Pittman

May Flowers
Feature-length documentary

"Maybe this May will be the last of the bad months before things start to get better." A documentary record of a month in the life of a city, loosely inspired by Chris Marker's 1963 film Le joli mai. "Maybe this May will be the last of the bad months before things start to get better." A documentary record of a month in the life of a city, loosely inspired by Chris Marker's 1963 film Le joli mai.

Regulatory Capture Lab

Centre for Digital Rights, in partnership with Friends of Canadian Broadcasting and McMaster University Master of Public Society in Digital Policy

Launched 2022
  • Website
  • Concept collaboration, research, writing, editing

Collaborators: Michèle Champagne

Regulatory Capture Lab
When public policy is enacted in the private interest

The Regulatory Capture Lab is a research-driven initiative intended to help journalists, academics, and the public at large better understand and track the dynamics of regulatory capture in Canada, beginning with the expanding influence of Big Tech on public policy. For the launch of its new flagship website, No Media worked closely with the lab's researchers and creative lead on overall conceptualization, content strategy, and editorial production.

Client: Driven, formerly Thinking Capital,a small business lender part of the Purpose Financial family of companies


  • Website editorial
  • Brand story, website content strategy, research and editorial production

DMI Partners

Driven by Purpose
Putting the customer at the heart of the brand story

When Canada’s leading online lender devoted to small business relaunched as a full-service partner in all aspects of a business owner’s life, we helped them move beyond purely transactional content and interactions with an editorial strategy founded on the real, honest, and raw challenges of their customers.

Client: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, one of Canada's oldest and largest law firms


  • Website editorial
  • Content strategy, subject research and analysis, editorial production

Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG)
Unlocking legal foresight on smart cities and fintech

The lawyers at BLG, one of Canada's oldest and leading full-service law firms, are trusted advisors on the legal implications of many of today's most transformative social and technological issues. To better foreground BLG's insights and thought leadership in the key areas of smart cities and the future of financial services, we conceptualized, researched, wrote, and packaged a collection of articles and roundtable discussions drawing on the expertise and commentary of both BLG's subject experts and leaders from the worlds of banking, city governance, and technology — steering them toward an open and frank conversation about the real issues they collectively foresee.

Client: Biron Groupe Santé

Brossard, Quebec

  • Website editorial and e-mail newsletter
  • Content strategy, subject research and analysis, editorial production

Biron Groupe Santé
Building customer trust in health care

One of Quebec's leading providers of diagnostic health care services, with a network of clinics throughout the province, required a fresh and trustworthy approach to brand content across all platforms. Given all the pseudoscience and clickbait their customers were otherwise presented with in their Google symptom searches, we focussed on translating their expertise and verified, peer reviewed advice into approachable and enjoyable health content, from mythbusting Q&As to “Neat Little Guides” on common issues such as sleep health and nutrition. We also undertook an end-to-end analysis of the business to improve public facing materials such as privacy policies and investment memoranda.

When It Rains, It Pours

Client: Studio D Radiodurans


  • Print book, editing
  • Editorial concept and narrative, comprehensive editing and proofing

Studio D Radiodurans
Storytelling support for rigourous research

When It Rains, It Pours is a foundational study based on expert field research that goes in depth into the challenging economics of sesame farming by small-landholders in Myanmar. How sesame is grown and traded; how debt and soil ecology work; the precarities of weather, climate, and growing season; social and religious contexts; the livelihoods and lifeways of everyone along the supply chain. We brought a coherent voice to a varied collection of on-the-ground analysis, written by multiple stakeholders, many of whom spoke English only as a second or third language. Shaping the book into a clearer narrative, we gave it a consistent and professional voice while ensuring the right technical details were foregrounded.

NOR website and public archive

Client: Canadian Design Resource


2019 to present
  • Strategic plan, website, public archive
  • Community consultation, global benchmarking, editorial and strategic consulting

Canadian Design Resource
A new commons and online museum for Canadian design culture

Since its inception, the Canadian Design Resource has been gathering the most extensive public archive of its kind devoted to Canadian design culture. And for a time it also provided the original online community for the country's design practitioners. Realizing the need to put community back at the heart of its mandate, No Media has been working closely with CDR to help transform itself into something new — a decentralized and collective commons which will document, preserve, and interrogate the role of design in the many competing ideas of Canadian culture and heritage.

Client: ADGA Group, a leading provider of security, simulation, software, and operational solutions to the public, commercial, and defence sectors


  • Website, presentation materials and other brand collateral
  • Brand story and development of new assets and collateral, industry and internal research, website conceptualization and build, content strategy, editorial production

DMI Partners, Monnet Design

Telling a company's story through its people and their critical expertise

When your reputation is built on discretion, it can be challenging to explain exactly what you do — whether to your own employees or potential new markets. Through an extensive proces of cross-organizational research and executive-level questioning, we helped one of Canada's leading technology contractors in defence, cybersecurity, and space applications better articulate the critical work they do in situations when lives are often on the line, from the frontlines of conflict to the furthest frontiers of outer space. Our work over a two-year period culminated in a complete reset of ADGA's brand identity, visual assets, and content strategy, along with the creation of a new website.